As a modern farmer, you are constantly looking for smarter ways to work. The Q-series is designed to harmonize with your tractor in every way. Perhaps most importantly, the Q-series now introduces a digital platform into the world of loaders: Q-companion. An all-in-one digital solution for effective and safe front loader operation.

Q-Companion is a true operator support system that offers a new level of assistance by combining monitoring of the implement position, loaded weight and and maintenance status into one easy to use display. And at the end of the day, you can export your work data and bring it back to the office. Quite simply, Q-companion brings loader work into the digital age, helping you to work smarter.

The Q-companion has three main functions: 

Loader status monitoring
Q-companion allows you to monitor your loaders position, angle and remaining lifting capacity at any time from a display inside the tractor cab. Tools that will increase your precision and safety.

Load weighing
Q-Companion calculates and displays the loaded weight during normal lifting and keeps track of the total. You can also set a target weight and export your weighing results when done.  Let Q-Companion keep track of your work for you.

Adaptive maintenance reminder 
Based on your real loader usage, Q-Companion will remind you when it is time to lubricate and check your bolts, thus enab ling an even longer life span and greater value for money. Maximize your actual working time with Q-Companion.The user-friendly Q-companion is plug-and-play on all Q-series loaders and supports all types of tractors and control systems. And, it’s easy to get started – just follow the on-screen step-by-step guide.

 Click on the image below to see how the Q-Companion works!