This new design was inspired by your requirements. The Powergrab is a very powerful universal implement with high work throughput. Well suited for silage as well as for many other demanding grabbing and scooping tasks.

Powergrab is first of all designed for handling silage, but is also suitable for various grabbing and scooping work in agriculture, council and lesser contract work.

When taking silage, the Quicke Powergrab is angled down at about 45 degrees into the silage; this gives the maximal yield possible when the grabber is closed. The design of the teeth in the grab and in combination with rotating the grab downwards creates an even block of silage without creating any air pockets and generating heat in the silage. The conical shape of the Powergrab makes filling and emptying a simple job. All the material is easily accessible, even along the walls, since the grabber part opens considerably.

Note: Should not be used on loaders with combination implement carrier. At maximum opening and maximum brake-up the implement will interfere with the implement cylinders of the loader.