Quicke Q-series demonstrates how clever engineering makes all the difference. These front loaders come with outstanding visibility, optimised work angles, and smooth and easy implement changes as just the start. Back all that up with the intelligence of Q-companion, and you just won’t find a more high-functioning, usable front loader.


Cast & Forged Components


Unique strength

Cast and forged components are used at arm ends, at the “knee” and at the rear of the Q Link

Gives extra strength and durability at crucial points on the loader 

Gives extra support to the bushings and pivot pins 

New cast link for the tool carrier with rollback limiting option by using an M16 bolt and washers if required. Required to be used on Euro/SMS tool carrier with some Euro hook hydraulic implements


Grease Nipples


All grease nipples are placed on the outside for easy access

All grease nipples are protected under a plastic cover (no grease on your clothes)

New design of the plastic cover with improved fastening solution

No grease spread out on the bonnet or windscreens when washing the tractor

No grease in the environment and pollution of crops


Implement Cylinder


Well proven and durable cylinder design

High flow cylinder port design with bigger diameter and a new compact connection for less oil travel and a new high quality weld method

Optimised oil flow and reduced pressure drop

Efficient hydraulic system that generates less heat and saves valuable fuel




Q Central Valve

Protected on the cross tube and hidden under a high impact durable polymer cover 

Central distribution of the oil for even distribution to the cylinders 

Durable two-layer hoses 

Integrated shock valves 2 x 220 bar 

Scalable configuration to optimise to the customer demand

Soft Drive

Soft Drive

(Option) Loader Suspensions

Protected in the cross tube, no damage on hoses, pipes or accumulators 

1/2 inch hoses from the block to the accumulators and on the plus side of the lift cylinder on Q5 and bigger loaders 

This equals good oil evacuation from the cylinders and allows for rapid oil flow and rapid response to any bumps in the road or in the field 

Electrical on/off 

Q3 – Q4L loader models have two accumulators, one working against plus side and one working against minus side on lifting cylinders

Q5 – Q8M loader models have three accumulators, two working against plus side and one working against minus side on lifting cylinders

28 bar pre-load pressure on the plus side and 15 bar on the minus side. For good damping action and to optimise the life time of the accumulators





Mechanical implement locking with Clic-on function

Safe, ergonomic and automatic locking action (Clic-on) 

Only a correctly positioned implement can release the mechanics and activate locking action

 The centrally placed lever and side handle provides two ergonomic options with which to unlock the implement

The side handle doubles as an indicator and gives a clear indication if it is in locked or unlocked position

The mechanism and unlocking handles are protected by a plate and positioned safely inside the tool carrier

All unlocking manoeuvres take place on the left side



Tool Carrier


Euro & Euro/SMS tool carriers are all new design

Free-visibility design

High torsional stiffness

You see the implement hooks due to the 180 degree  forward rotating tool carrier 

1 - Turn the tool carrier forward so that it lines up with the loader arm 

2 - The implement hooks can clearly be seen under the loader beam from the cab 

3 - Visible attach gives maximum security to hook onto the implement correctly (no risk for damaging loader or implements) 

4 - Crowd/rotate the tool carrier back to engage the Clic-on to lock or activate Q Lock 

5 - For your safety! After locking the implement. Press the tip of the implement gently against the ground to double check that it is fully locked



Pivot Pins

Optimised pivot pin diameters for good force distribution on
the bushing and joint 

Central grease distribution for good greasing of both sides 

Strong pivot pins with rigid hinged locking 

Locking hinge material improved to steel quality 355 from 235 

New pivot locking on the pin in the most critical joint (cast link to tool carrier) 

Compact rubber disc to prevent axial play and keep the grease in the link 

All screws are fixed with Loctite 

Strong links, with excellent greasing, gives longer lifetime 

All pins are galvanised – no rust 

Extra grease nipples on the cast tool carrier link (protected)




Support Legs


Rock-steady support legs


The classic proven functional and heavy-duty design since years

Extra adjustment points

Durable design with no loose pins

Wide and moveable foot for best ground support

Spring loaded locking under the beam

Sits compact against the beam for good front tire clearance


No need for tools, no lose parts


For quick and easy connect and disconnect of your Quicke loader




Cross Tube

Low placed cross tube for better visibility

Round tube to optimize torsional durability/stiffness
and weld quality

Hides and protect SoftDrive inside the tube

Carries and protects the Central distribution Valve Unit and hydraulic options under the durable polymer cover

Sight optimized design close to the beam for perfect visibility over/under and of the tool carrier

Plenty of space for front hitch because low placed cross tub + more wide beam options + hidden hydraulics


Loader Beam / Loader Boom


Unique strenght

A good looking chamfered and embossed arm
design to harmonize with the modern tractor and improve visibility

Chamfered and 80 mm wide arm profile. Round and low placed cross-tube. All for best torsional force absorption and durability

Fully automated state of the art welding process for unrivalled strength

Prepared for bigger tasks and heavy work for
years to come

A loader beam, that clearly displays strength





Lift Cylinder

Well proven and durable cylinder design

Minus side, high flow port design with bigger diameter and a new connection for optimised oil flow and a new high quality weld method

Plus side, high flow port with bigger diameter and a new design straight trough the cylinder bottom

Optimised oil flow and reduced pressure drop

Gives excellent SoftDrive functionality

Efficient hydraulic system that generates less heat and saves valuable fuel


Lock & Go

Well proven and time saving

You can’t find an easier connect and disconnect
system than Lock & Go

There are no loose parts and no tools are required.
Simply connect and disconnect the loader with a minimum of effort

Each locking pin has a green marker on the inside of the bearing box for a clear visual confirmation of pin engagement from drivers position



Bearing Box

An all new design of the bearing box

Strong profile-pressed steel in 3 widths. The wider top part provides stability. The narrower lower part provides for a short and strong locking by the Lock & Go.

Short distance between “u” and beam pivot = stability

Fully welded bearing box with integrated reinforcements

Short 40 mm locking pin that carries no load during normal operations

Optional extended bearing boxes are available for mechanical self levelling loader models only (Increases reach and allows extra space for front linkage, larger wheels and windscreens that opens up forward)



Q Vision

Sight-optimisisng desing 

Curved arm with a low placed “knee” in combination with the low placed cross-tube gives, according to standard set in
EU Directive 2008/2/EC, a 30 % increase in Field of vision when the loader is positioned 450 mm above ground in its transport position

The cross-tube package is rotated 15 degrees towards the tractor to limit its affect on the field of vision

No pipes or hoses that restrict your view

No dirt or rubbish that can accumulate, even if you
fit extra functions on your loader


Apart from the angle sensors, all options are fully integrated